First One

My name is mea, I live in Brooklyn and I like to eat.  This blog serves as my notebook for my cooking, baking, dining, eating, drinking and all things kitchen related.

5 thoughts on “First One

  1. dorothy vizenor says:

    great sounding recipes Mia….am going to try several of them….thank you!!! and my love to Cam….gramma dot

  2. Much success as this is very clean and easily approachable for your readers. I’ll be following you in the weeks and months to come and look forward to your postings!

  3. Barbara Christian says:

    Yumm, I think I’ll try the brownies first. I love chocolate and raspberries! These all look so good. Love the photography too. Nice. Cam I’m glad you’re married to such a great cook. Both together you must make some incredible meals. Can’t wait to share a meal sometime in the not too distant future. ❤

  4. dorothy vizenor says:

    HI mea…do u have a recipe for the ginger cake that was your wedding cake?? That was soooooo good!!!! gramma dot

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